Who is Bora ÇAKILKAYA ?

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Tasarımcı Bora ÇAKILKAYA

Bora Çakılkaya Kimdir?

Bora Çakılkaya was born in 1975, he works as both interior architecture and product designer and developer. Çakılkaya spent time with machines in his father and his mother workshop at early ages, as a result of this fashion and textile fields have a special place in his life. Çakılkaya’s family have a large number of architects, engineers, and painter, so they are really important factor for he set a course of life.

Bora Çakılkaya graduated from Marmara University Faculty Of Fine Arts Interior Architecture Department, in 1999. As a result of this enjoyable adventure of the university, he prepared manufacturing project in large and well-established furniture workshop. He learned details and technicalities about the use of wood and iron from last generation.

Bora Çakılkaya has been determining a target of hard work and always following developments of modern era. In 2002, he worked as a project manager in large architectural offices that operate in one of the best decent place of Istanbul, Nişantaşı. Çakılkaya developed project management on brands with accumulation of knowledge with examining the trends and rapid progress of the world.

Bora Çakılkaya has given a further impetus to studies with each passing day and he reached to get authorization level on large-scale projects. Between 2005-2007, he took in charge to determine and execute concept on well-established and famous brands such as D&R, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Saray Muhallebicisi. At the end of the process that has advanced experience and information, as a significant step which he got into partnership with P-ARCH.

Bora Çakılkaya has improved himself day by day, so that added new success which he hold first exhibition at IDW2007, in 2007. After that, he won two unique rewards from Green Dot Design Awards.

In 2011, he won Best Bathroom Designer Award from ELLE Décor, because of he has been achieving phenomenal successes. Çakılkaya attended IDW2011 Design Spirit in same year. In 2012, he has been exhibited in IDW2012. He has joined the IDW2015, Fresh Design event that is led by the Dutch designer Jacob de Baan.

Bora Çakılkaya and P-Arch prepare innovative and competitive studies for many local and foreign corporate brands.  Projects are located to axis of trilogy which customer, product and place then enterprise with art and fashion. Bora Çakılkaya still continues his business life as manager in dynamic based office where he provides concept, project and performance feedback.


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