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Hygiene and simplicity in the bathroom of a house only, but also should reflect a balanced picture of elegance and grace. Aesthetic products that are carried out in harmony with the fruit of other areas, such as bathrooms or with care can be crowned. Bora Cakilkaya bathrooms, custom fields, and could meet up with the comforts of decorative items, believing that a new bathroom was designed to work: LEN…
Len, the bathrooms over the sink with pieces of a different form of literal aesthetic developed in the research was born. The idea development stage, enabled the realization of a product is unusual and stunning. Cakilkaya who believe that the bathroom must go beyond the functional, aesthetic an indispensable success factor of working with a focus believes that it is just not good. In 2010, green dot Bora cakilkaya innovative sink has won the award at the awards functions in the branch, decoration needs and aesthetic pleasures by moving it a step further blended.
Cakilkaya, aesthetics and function adopts the motto is the golden rule of success of being together. From this point of view the result of great dedication and professional work, LEN OFTEN found product life. LEN slightly in the form of a glass look with a tiny waist and a pedestal sink. The product consists of two parts. Prepared for installation in the ground, therefore, the assembly carries the distinction of being a product that has attached to it. Usual expenses of the sink to the wall surface, but there is no impediment for him to be on the ground. This creative idea to go with the design on the ground has enabled us to provide a product more elegant and useful. Sink in the ground in many creative works it is possible to meet expenses.
Sink measures 45 cm in diameter, len. Provides your bathrooms a decorative extra thin waist as an elegant stylish and air andirara goblet. With ambient light the power of visualization, was supported from the bottom at the waist. Optionally, the light can be used with.
For a touch of elegance to your Bath invites you into the comfort you the different len…






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