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hugo chair

hugo chair

A chair a few different property on-site can host? Cyclic? Comfort? Or a cute look? Maybe all of them. Chair of the Hugo was designed with the desire to prove the world that can come from dark and depressing.
Chairs are an indispensable part of everyday life. But sometimes we can’t find the comfort we seek. Comfort arrange even if we can’t find a product in the form appropriate to our place and extraordinary.
A special Hugo to be adapted to the same degree in all places as a result of work was developed. Other chairs, such as product dimensions and materials, in the footprint area does not create any problems.
The angled chair in the center of mass based on the records that comprise the principal with the factor. Understanding the importance of a font when designing in the comfort of Hugo inarak two different angles designed at. In this way, a semi-curved structure allows users to easily understand and provides extra comfort. Our favorite choice is the orange one than we, since we’re using you, the use of mattresses of different colors and we have added the option to expand the scale.
If you wish your child Hugo in this room down the hall if you wish, you can use the corner of your head. The height of the terrace on cool evenings in summer or winter the comfort of sipping coffee on the windowsill, you can feel the difference this product will provide you with the maximum level of the frequency of…

Bora ÇAKILKAYA / designer


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