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Most of our homes and bathrooms are areas that need to be taken care of delicately designed. Because of hygiene and decorative bathrooms and incorporate the most important details within a visually strong image should be made. In the light of these requirements, the designer Bora Cakilkaya prepared by Product name: BC12
BC12 is designed to bring a new breath to the bathroom with an unusual and striking image. Having a modern and minimal form, air products has become one of the most convenient pieces for bathrooms. BC12 the product sink in to the metal frame is connected. Links for the four surfaces made of elegant stance, as well as adds robustness to the product to a serious extent. The product is designed so you can hang your towel or other things in a metal body. Optionally, if it is under the sink, open shelving unit or cabinet can be closed. Different varieties of the product offering a range of colors, products, and offers the possibility to use your bathroom according to your taste.
The world’s fastest-flowing exchange, the bathrooms are new and simpler perspective. BC12 today, we are used to seeing lean and sharp surfaces as a result of professional to bring a brand new soul a study of the bathrooms was completed. Clean the mounting surface with frequency and ease with durable materials of the product aims to transfer practical houses. The width of the bathroom BC12 those who are suffering from the problem of the structure of the product themselves with minimal may have the opportunity to open up a lot more space.
BC12: Hygiene, stylish decoration and the world of imagination where the creative is the only product to meet…

Bora ÇAKILKAYA / Designer

bc12 & sink

bc12 & bora çakılkaya

bc12 sink

bc12 & bora çakılkaya


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